Metandienone for all experts Course PCT after Metandienone course

PCT after Metandienone course

PCT after Metandienone course

Importance of PCT after Metandienone cycle

Importance of PCT after Metandienone cycle

After completing a cycle of steroids, you should reduce muscle thinning and restore natural testosterone levels.

Remember, once you finish an anabolic steroid course, you will always lose weight. You will always lose muscle mass, no matter what PCT you use, no matter what super technique you use, you will always burn some of the muscle mass that you gain. Why?

The fact is that men produce an average of + -5 mg of testosterone per day – that’s one methane tablet. Let’s say you have 700mg of methane per week during the course, you get 100mg of methane per day and the natural dose is 5mg.

This is a benefit that a person receives in chemistry, the dose of sex hormones is 20 times higher than the natural dose of a normal person. The body cannot guarantee the growth of this amount of testosterone. Because of this, a person who loses a course of steroids always loses some of the weight gain.

PCT is not a job to preserve the muscle you’ve gained along the way, PCT is not a job to destroy it any more than nature intended. When a person starts not being able to experiment with their endocrine system anymore, or when the gym takes a heavy toll on them.

Losses must be minimized

  • The more steroid doses you take during the course, the greater the loss of muscle mass and strength after the course (higher yield).
  • The longer the course of anabolic steroid use, the higher the return after the course.
  • The lower the dose of the drug you take during the course, the smaller the gain and the smaller the loss, even when taking it.
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Rebalancing hormones

The male body also contains estrogen, and they are related to testosterone in some way. The natural ratio is 1 to 200 mg.

Everything in our system is regulated, if you have a lot of testosterone then you don’t start producing it. You must wait for it to be stopped artificially before increasing your natural testosterone levels. To do this, you need to consider the downtime of certain medications.

Correct PCT after Metandienone

Correct PCT after Metandienone

At the end of the course, after 2-3 days, it is necessary to conduct post-cycle therapy (PCT), which is usually carried out with tamoxifen (10-20 mg per day) or Clomid (25-50 mg daily) for 3-4 weeks (the dose should be reduced gradually over the last few weeks until discontinued completely).

It is also advisable to take supplemental testosterone boosters, zinc, omega-3 during PCT. They contribute to a faster recovery of your own testosterone release.

It is not unnecessary to use additional sports nutrition during the course and PCT: protein, amino acids, BCAAs, vitamin-mineral complexes.

The dose should be reduced slightly in the last week and then stopped altogether. Such therapy is necessary to restore your testosterone synthesis in addition to a sports diet.

For PCT with methane for about 8 weeks, Clomid should be taken as 50 mg daily, 20 tablets 2 weeks after stopping steroids. To aid in liver recovery, also recommend taking Methianine 500 mg 3 times a day.

Metandienone + Proviron

Concomitant use of Metandienone with a strong anti-estrogen such as Proviron is considered appropriate.

This combination of drugs helps to achieve the following results:

  • increase quality and reduce muscle mass;
  • to reduce the risk of flavoring effects;
  • Controlling the amount of estrogen in the body;
  • get rid of the effects of gynecomastia;
  • Avoid the risk of increased pressure.
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Danabol tablets for beginners combined with Proviron is the most effective combination to significantly increase muscle mass and volume without many of the usual negative effects on your body. With these two drugs, even a beginner can gain about 4 kg of quality muscle mass.

Recommendation for Metandienone PCT

Recommendation for Metandienone PCT

While using the tablets, the athlete must follow the rules that require the development of a special training plan. This should be done by an experienced trainer who will help spread the load across the body so muscles grow evenly and quickly.

The prerequisite is that you eat enough protein food, which is the main building block of muscles. In the absence of protein in the diet, the tablets will not give a clear result.

Doctors are skeptical about this method of increasing muscle mass, considering it dangerous. Despite this, athletes all over the world take pills.

It is important to consider the properties of anabolic steroids tablets, the ability to accumulate the main component in the blood. This can lead to various complications if the instructions are not followed and the dose and duration of the course are set independently.

Specialists warn athletes that periodic laboratory tests of blood counts are necessary during drug use. This is due to the drug’s ability to increase cholesterol and cause cholesterol plaques to form.

Training regimen and nutrition

According to expert recommendations, the drug should not be used for more than four weeks, after which monthly rest is required.

  • At the time of admission you must be on a diet; without them it is impossible to achieve the desired effect. The steroid has a powerful effect on protein metabolism. Therefore, enough protein must be included in the diet.
  • The elimination half-life of the substance is about 2 hours. In order to achieve optimal concentration and maximum effect on the body, it is better to take it with a 12-hour break from 6 to 20 hours.
  • Experienced athletes who spend a lot of time training should use the product 4 times a day with standard 4-hour breaks for up to 1.5 months.
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The training program, when used, is stable for 45 minutes every other day. If the daily interval between hours is not enough to recover, then the rest period should be increased.